Is Jim Kwik’s “SuperLearner” course a rip off?

One of the reasons I like being in the memory and learning space is because the people there are, on the whole, pretty decent.

They want to learn new stuff, learn about each other, and get along.

Making a quick buck is surprisingly rare. Avid learners can usually figure out a better way.

But some people can build knowledge, and skip wisdom entirely.

So it seems with Jim Kwik, the author of SuperBrain, who has decoded to totally rip off the name Become a SuperLearner Masterclass from Jonathan Levi.

It started with a video, trying to get some traffic off Jonathan's brand:

But now he's got bolder, running ads on the name as well.

Now, full disclosure, I know and work with Jonathan and we  asked, firmly but politely, for them to not do this, in response to a Twitter post:

Vishen is the CEO at the courses publisher, MindValley, a self development publisher who I (previously) held in high regard.

The publisher is the company that puts up the money for promotion, just like a book publisher might.

The idea that they had never heard the name of the biggest competitor to theirs, that publishes both on their own platform and on Udemy – the biggest publisher of online courses in the world…

Well, you decide who to believe.

If you want to check out Jonathan's course, it comes in 2 tiers. The original Superlearner course, and the more expensive, but in-depth Masterclass.

Try the original Become A Superlearner course

or get a free trial to the original Become A Superlearner Masterclass

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