Why Laughter is the Best Memory Medicine

A recent study indicates that laughter can boost your memory and also help your overall demeanor. Magnetic resonance shows that when you laugh, your brain lights up just as it would when exercised by a brain-teaser. Exercise is good for your brain and can instantly improve your mood, mask pain and even make for better […]

7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Brain

The brain needs a workout the same as the body. When you flex the muscles of your brain, you’re helping to build pathways to memories from the past and you can recall them much easier. If you want to maintain a healthy brain and keep building those neural pathways throughout old age, you’ve got to […]

How Stress Can Sabotage Your Memory

You may know about how stress can affect your body – making it difficult to sleep so you’re groggy during the day, depression, anxiety and inability to focus on work and other tasks. Your memory can also be highly affected by chronic or extreme stress. The memory works by processing information we acquire through the […]

Medical Conditions Which May Affect Your Memory

There are certain medical conditions which may affect how your brain operates and how you recall information. Some medical conditions require that you take medications which also can impair your memory. Some medical conditions that may affect long or short term memory are: Vitamin Deficiencies – A good diet helps your brain to function properly, […]

Flex Your Mental Muscles

You know you can flex your muscles to make a difference in your body’s fitness, but did you know that you can exercise your mental muscles and gain a better memory and more brain power? When you flex your mental muscles the brain creates neuro pathways to the brain. Some exercises and activities can effectively […]

Brain Exercises To Stimulate Your Memory

You must exercise your brain just as you would your body for the ultimate fitness and function. Research has proven that regular brain stimulation can keep the brain active and healthy far into later years – a great piece of news for our aging population who are worried about memory loss. The way the brain […]

Best Vitamins and Nutrients for Your Brain Health

Feed your brain the same as you would your body for the ultimate in keeping brain-fit. If you have a deficiency, it can affect your brain in several ways including focus and clarity, mood swings, mental decline, depression and anxiety, dementia and memory recall. There are many “supplements” on the market which are promoted to […]

Bad Habits = Bad Memory

Studies are constantly appearing which have us worried about the habits we form in our daily lives. It may have to do with drinking too much, smoking, not getting enough sleep or too much stress. There’s always something that we should change to become healthier. Those bad habits may also be instrumental in hindering your […]

Best Foods for Your Memory

Healthy eating isn’t only for your body’s fitness – eating the right foods may lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and heart disease. It may also be a factor in early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. When you combine certain foods with a healthy and vital lifestyle and brain exercises which can boost […]

5 Best Brain Exercises

It’s important that you regularly exercise your brain to keep the neural pathways open and your memory sharp. The neural pathways are the parts of your brain which helps you recall information, solve problems and perform tasks that you’ve experienced in the past. When you exercise your brain, you’re stimulating the pathways so they’ll stay […]